Sunday, 1 December 2013

I have opened up this new blog for my company Trendinvestor Capital Management our website is at and you can follow us on twitter @TrendCapMan.

We have had a lot of success over the last 19 years trading ONLY the S&P 500 via the various derivative products Futures Contracts, Mini Size Futures Contracts, Spreadbets and CFD You can see all of our results at our website.

As an experiment on 1st November 2013 we have opened a small live trading account with £5833 we have margined this account at our usual 3 to 1 and you can follow the evolution of this account over the coming months and years, so that you can see all of our reported profits and all our losses.

This account will also show that it is possible to build a considerable sum of money from a small initial account, the key is patience, it takes time!

However the wonders of compound interest should help!   

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