Monday, 2 December 2013

We opened up a demonstration account with CMC markets to try out some new ideas related to our system that trades the S&P 500. The account started with £10,000. This account was open on 13/08/2010, we traded up until 12/04/2013 so 33 months in total.

We then took a holiday for 6 months and did not trade this account again until 7/11/2013, so it has now been trading for one more month. For a total of 34 trading months.

The account as of 2 minutes ago stands at £60,244 for a gain of 502.44% in a total of 34 trading months.

I can provide to any interested party for verification and audit purposes, our CMC Markets account details and records, and also CMC Markets themselves will verify this performance. 

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