Friday, 17 January 2014

Feeding The Machine

Back in the 1960,s one wage earner could easily afford a house, and a reasonable quality house as well. My father was a schoolteacher he was able to afford a 4 bedroom detached house that he bought in 1971 for £9000. Today that very same house would be worth circa £400,000.

Now before i start, i would like to state for the record that my remarks are not being anti women in any way. I am simply stating facts. In the 1960,s and 1970,s we had the women's movement a move towards women's liberation fully backed by the Government, Mainstream Media and particularly the big banks. It was no longer acceptable for women to stay at home and look after the family, she should now have her "independence" and move into the workplace, this was the modern way and it was "progress".

Now lets have a look at the reality today. It is now necessary to have two incomes just to survive, as the finite supply of housing is now inflated in price because of the purchasing power of the two incomes, it is now necessary for those two incomes to afford to buy the same house that one income could previously buy. Women have less "independence" than they ever had, and yet we mark this as "progress"

We now have a whole culture based on both parents having to work, a culture of expensive childcare and nanny s, a culture of divorce and broken relationships, a culture of depression and Prozac!. A single person will find it very difficult to survive in a culture where two incomes are necessary to simply provide a basic human right SHELTER. The same shelter that before was affordable with a single income, therefore giving both men and women true independence!. This debt culture based on two incomes has spawned a massive mortgage and re-mortgage industry and recently pay day loan companies charging north of 2000% annual interest payments.

This society is a deliberately manufactured catastrophe, and a disaster for the ordinary decent man or woman.

With women now going to work, so that the family have two incomes, it should mean a better quality of life for that family, WRONG!. This would definitely have been the case if mortgages were simply given on ONE INCOME and not JOINT INCOMES. Then the extra income would have gone to where it belongs the FAMILY and not the BANKERS! If a man or women decided to split then both parties could again afford Shelter for themselves, if a woman wanted to stay at home throughout the early child years, again no problem as the mortgage could be serviced with one income. This would be real independence and real progress, and not the sham that we have today.

So when the women were out of the home and working, what happened next?. We became a "multicultural society" this is just a fancy word for mass immigration, in exactly the same way that "Quantitative Easing" is just another fancy word for money printing. We rapidly increased the size of the population, and anybody who dissented in any way was immediately branded a RACIST. My question is very simple. Did our elected politicians who are simply there to represent US THE PEOPLE ever ask us whether we wanted a policy of mass immigration dressed up with the fancy slogan " Multicultural Society"? and did they have the common decency to build enough shelter for all the new " Multiculturals" now coming to live in Great Britain?

OF COURSE NOT, we were never asked and shelter was not built in quantities that would be sufficient. The whole point was to keep house prices artificially high, by providing a new source of DEMAND!

It is all about feeding the machine. If you look at consumer lending in Great Britain it is about £1.45 Trillion Pounds, but over 95% of all lending is secured on property. The Banks are simply not interested in personal loans or even credit cards.They want the lending secured on bricks and mortar.

This is the problem, because quite simply when you go for a mortgage which is 95%+ of all lending in Great Britain they lend you the PRINCIPAL, but they never lend you the INTEREST. Therefore unless the lending constantly expands, IT IMPLODES ON ITSELF.

This is why the Governments, Mainstream Media, and Bankers were so keen to get Women into work and into debt to keep the scheme going a bit longer,TO PROVIDE DEMAND. It is why the same Governments, Mainstream Media and Bankers are so into the "Multicultural Society" to get the new arrivals immediately into debt to keep the whole scheme going a bit longer,TO PROVIDE DEMAND.

It has nothing to do with Women's independence and Women's liberation but it has everything to do with taking away Women's independence and Women's liberation with a quagmire of new debt. It traps both Men and Women and destroys family, as two good incomes are now necessary just to survive, when in the past one income would easily suffice, but we continue to call it "progress"?.

Remember they only lend you the PRINCIPAL and not the INTEREST so the lending must constantly expand so that the interest can actually be paid or the system collapses on itself. We know that this lending of principal is centred upon property as over 95% of all outstanding consumer lending is secured on property. 

To feed this voracious machine, first they used women and now they are using immigrants. Even after all of this the economy was still about to deflate, so they then resorted to good old fashioned money printing to survive. 

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